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We offer full repair and servicing facilities on all LCD, DLP, video, home theatre projectors.

Projector Display Problem

Damaged lenses either due to accumulation of dust inside the lenses assembly, burnt to one or more of the LCD panels, burnt or broken Dichroic mirror and Dichroic combiner cube.

Projector White Dots Repair

White dots on projector screen repair, vertical lines on projector screen, horizontal lines on projector screen repairs. To fix an affected projector, the DMD chip has to be replaced. This is where we come in.

Projector Power Repair

Major issues that result in booting problems: projector fan failure, projector colour wheel failure, spent projector lamps, damaged projector lamp driver, damaged projector main board, faulty Auto-Iris.

Projector Colour Wheel Repair

Projector colour wheel issues: flickering image due to bad projector colour wheel, broken projector colour wheel segment(s), dust and soot encrusted projector colour wheels resulting in faded or spotty images.

No Signal or No Image

Broken projector input port repair, non-functioning projector input port repair, broken HDMI port, broken VGA Port, broken DVI port, broken Composite ports. Powers up but not working properly.

Free Inspections & Quotations

Free Inspection at our workshop. Once the fault has been diagnosed, a Free Quote will be sent detailing the repair cost. There is no obligation to proceed with the repair, so if the quotation is rejected,

Priority Inspection & Repair
If the customer requires an urgent projector repair, for a competitive fee we will ensure that the unit will be inspected by our qualified engineers within 24 hours of its arrival.A quote will then be sent for the repair. Once the customer accepts the quote, repair on the projector will be given priority.

Favourite On Site Projector Services

Our engineers are able to attend the customer’s place of business to carry out the service necessary at no inconvenience.
Best Seller
All In Service
Cleaning Service
Instant Lamp Replace
Nationwide Service
Engineer Site Visit
De-installed / Re-installed
Checking the lamp hours
Replace the lamp /new bulb included/
Removing the housing and the main board
Cleaning the optics and filters with compressed air
Re-installing the projector and realign the lens

We focus on inspect and repair ALL types of projectors

We repair all issues such as boots failure, overheating causing intermittent shutdown. White spots on a projector screen. Dull picture and discolouration, banding, horizontal and vertical lines across picture, colour wheel replacement, project fan replacement, lenses assembly repairs, LCD assembly repairs and replacement. Projector lamp replacement and regular projector maintenance service.

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